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heavy duty Tiger bearing stainless steel

exemplary presentation
adjustable (axial)
Guiding roller adjustable for axial movement
Persistent and resistant
Suitable for welding
The ALFATEC heavy-duty Tiger bearing with a diameter of 52,5 mm has an external axial bearing... more
STR050.4200 heavy duty Tiger bearing stainless steel

The ALFATEC heavy-duty Tiger bearing with a diameter of 52,5 mm has an external axial bearing and is welded to a mounting plate. The welded-in bolt, outer ring and complete welded assembly are made of stainless steel (1.4301) and are thus protected against corrosion. It can withstand up to 40% higher loads in the axial direction and thus increases the load capacity to 2 kN in the axial direction and 3,5 kN in the radial direction.

The heavy-duty Tiger bearing STR050.4200 at a glance:

  • protected against corrosion
  • made completely of stainless steel
  • optimum use in structures with projecting loads
  • lubricated for life

A guide profile is required in addition to each heavy-duty Tiger bearing. The matching guide profile is UP050.0780.

Moreover, ALFATEC offers the heavy-duty Tiger bearing in different sizes for low and high loads.

adjustable (axial) : yes
adjustabe (radial) : no
diameter Ø : 52,50 mm
Type : 50
material : stainless steel
capacity load
load capacity radial: 3,5 kN
load capacity axial: 2,00 kN
good to know
good to know
We offer an all-round service package with a guarantee of success. The technological basis for each solution is our heavy-duty guide system with Tiger bearing, |X|tra-Strong bearing, ALFA-Speed bearing and, for moving extra-heavy loads, our Mammoth bearing. Find out more about the technical details of our combination bearings and profiles.
Christoph Stäbler
Christoph Stäbler
guide bearings & guide profiles
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Aaron Roth
guide bearings & guide profiles