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guideway unit - radial bearing adjustable

exemplary presentation
adjustabe (radial)
Guiding roller adjustable in radial movement
Persistent and resistant
Relubrication of cylindrical bearings
The guideway unit consists of one load bearing and one eccentric bearing fastened on a mounting... more
FE110.5200 guideway unit - radial bearing adjustable

The guideway unit consists of one load bearing and one eccentric bearing fastened on a mounting plate. The eccentric roller can be set for play minimisation on both sides. Through its execution with a combined radial and axial guide bearing, the installation space is optimally utilised and a high load capacity of 24,06 kN in the radial direction and up to 8,90 kN in the axial direction is achieved.

The guide unit FE110.5200 at a glance:

  • play minimised since both sides are adjustable
  • optimal use of installation space
  • easy installation
  • easy adjustment

A guide profile is required in addition to each guideway unit. The matching guide profile is UP110.0700.

Moreover, ALFATEC offers the guideway unit in different sizes for low and high loads.

The guideway unit is also available as a heavy-duty version with increased axial load capacity and in numerous other series.

adjustable (axial) : no
adjustabe (radial) : yes
diameter Ø : 107,7 mm
relubricable : yes
Type : 110
material : steel
capacity load
load capacity radial: 24,06 kN
load capacity axial: 8,90 kN
C: 81,00 kN
C0: 95,00 kN
C0a: 36,00 kN
Ca: 31,00 kN
good to know
good to know
We offer an all-round service package with a guarantee of success. The technological basis for each solution is our heavy-duty guide system with Tiger bearing, |X|tra-Strong bearing, ALFA-Speed bearing and, for moving extra-heavy loads, our Mammoth bearing. Find out more about the technical details of our combination bearings and profiles.
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Christoph Stäbler
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Aaron Roth
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